Snore Way to Ignore It

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The good, the bad & the loud. Snoring is due to the obstruction of the airways caused by deficiencies in the Lung and Spleen, or Phlegm and Blood Stasis. Massage these points to correct the imbalances, sleep better and reduce the likelihood of snoring. Zu San Li is found 4-finger widths below the knee, and 1-finger width outside the shin bone. This point invigorates the spleen. Feng Long is found midway between the outer ankle and the outer end of the crease formed from the back of the knee, 2-finger widths outside the shin bone. This point resolves phlegm and dampness. He Gu is found on the back of the hand, the webbing between the thumb and index finger, it belongs to the large intestine whose pathway reaches the nose and its sides, and forms an interior-exterior relationship with the lung. This point promotes Qi circulation to reduce obstruction of the airways. Not suitable for pregnant women. NOTE: This is just a general guide. In TCM, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Even for people with the same condition, their prescriptions are likely to be different due to different root cause and body constitution. For a more detailed diagnosis and treatment advice, consult a registered TCM physician from Eu Yan Sang Clinic. #euyansangtcmclinic #euyansang #snoring #tcmlifestyle #tcmtips #diyacupointmassage #healthtips #yourmoderntraditionallifestyle

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