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Unwind the grind

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Don’t let the daily grind get you down. As the stomach meridian travels around the mouth and into the upper teeth, Stomach Fire is one main cause for Bruxism - a condition where you grind, gnash or clench your teeth unconsciously during the day or while you’re asleep. Massaging these points pacify the stomach meridian and a locked jaw. Xia Guan is in front of the ear, at the lower border of the cheek bone, in the depression above the jaw bone when the mouth closes (a bulge can be felt when the mouth opens). This point relieves muscle tension around the jaw. Jia Che is 1-finger width above the the edge of the jaw bone, the highest point of the muscle that bulges when the teeth are clenched. This point relieves muscle tension around the jaw and regulates the flow of Qi in the stomach meridian. Yi Feng is in the depression behind the earlobe, between the mastoid process and the angle of the jaw bone. This point relieves muscle tension around the jaw. NOTE: This is just a general guide. In TCM, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Even for people with the same condition, their prescriptions are likely to be different due to different root cause and body constitution. For a more detailed diagnosis and treatment advice, one should consult a registered TCM physician. #euyansangtcmclinic #bruxism #tcmlifestyle #tcmtips #diyacupointmassage #healthtips #yourmoderntraditionallifestyle

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