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TCM Tips
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Tongue diagnosis is one of the most important procedures during a TCM examination. A physician will observe multiple characteristics of the tongue such as the tongue's colour and coating
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Before taking photo of your tongue, please avoid the following which will disturb / stain the tongue coating:
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Eating or drinking coffee, tea or sweets or anything that might stain your tongue
  • Sticking out your tongue for more than 15seconds. The longer you stick out, the darker it will appear. You need to “reset your tongue by pulling your tongue back in for a few moments.
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Beneficial tips from years of wisdom and experience
At times, you won’t need treatment or medication to address a concern. A change of lifestyle, introducing healthy food and herb options to your diet, stimulating your acupressure points to clear blockages and for better Qi and Blood flow, and starting a regular exercise plan can work wonders. Here are some self-help tips.
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