Follow your gout instinct

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If something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it! Gout blocks the flow of Qi & Blood in the meridians. Massage these acupoints during the acute phase to alleviate pain, swelling and inflexibility of joint/muscles. TIP: Correct organ deficiencies during the inter-critical phase with herbal therapy and acupuncture. Tai Bai (SP-03) is found on the side of the foot, proximal and inferior to the big toe joint, in the depression at the junction of the top skin and sole. This point strengthens the Spleen and removes Dampness. Suitable for gout affecting the big toe. Tai Chong (LV-03) is found 2-finger widths above the depression between the first two toes. This point point promotes local circulation. Suitable for gout affecting the big toe. Xue Hai (SP-10) is found on the inner side of the knee, 2 cun above the inner edge of the patella, on the bulge of the quadriceps. This point promotes blood circulation and relieves pain. NOTE: This is just a general guide. In TCM, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Even for people with the same condition, their prescriptions are likely to be different due to different root cause and body constitution. For a more detailed diagnosis and treatment advice, consult a registered TCM physician from Eu Yan Sang Clinic. #EuYanSangTCMClinic #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #Acupressurepoint #massage #Gout #Acupuncture #SelfCare

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