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Are you tired all the time? A prolonged unhealthy lifestyle may have you stuck in a limbo between healthy and sick, a sub-health condition caused by Qi or Blood deficiencies. Massage these acupoints 2-3x daily for 3-5mins to relieve symptoms like poor sleep patterns, dizziness, indigestion and deteriorating memory. TIP: Herbal remedies are more effective in nourishing Qi & Blood. Feng Chi (GB 20) is at the base of the skull, in the depression on both sides, around 1-1.5” away from the spine. These points relieve headaches, dizziness and neck aches; improve Qi & Blood circulation to the brain; and improve the overall immune system. He Gu (LI 4) is between the thumb and index finger, next to the midpoint of the second palm bone. These points strengthen Qi and improve overall immunity. Zu San Li (ST 36) is 4-finger widths below the knee, and 1-finger width outside the shin bone. These points strengthen Qi, especially Spleen & Stomach Qi. NOTE: This is just a general guide. In TCM, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Even for people with the same condition, their prescriptions are likely to be different due to different root cause and body constitution. For a more detailed diagnosis and treatment advice, consult a registered TCM physician from Eu Yan Sang Clinic. #EuYanSangTCMClinic #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #Acupoint #Acupressuremassage #BurntOut #Acupuncture #SelfCare

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